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Montessori Schools & Centres Australia (MSCA) our national body for Montessori, are offering an insightful presentation for families on “The Rite Journey Parenting Plan” by Andrew Lines.  Participants will walk away with a plan for how they can raise responsible young people of any age.  To support our families, RMS has purchased ten tickets for this presentation and encourage all families to participate in this opportunity to learn more about raising their youngsters.  Please contact Reception@rms.wa.edu.au if you would like one of the free tickets for this event.

We welcome to the Primary School staff Yasmin Ismail as the DOTT teacher for both Turtles and Dugongs. In the Adolescent Program we welcome Dave Flack as the Koobalongs advisor and Physical Education and Science specialist, along with Rebecca Hughes who is replacing Stella for her Long Service Leave in Term 3.   In the office we welcome Jo Gow who has commenced as our new Finance Manager.

Our OSHC Holiday Program was very popular during the term break due to the fabulous on and offsite program offered to children each day.  A huge thank you to Nat and her team for ensuring the program continued over lockdown and again we see strong student numbers booked in for both before and after school care this term.

Our new Lakelands Infant Toddler Program has been extremely popular since its commencement in Term 2 however we are sad to advise that even with all the work to promote the Pinjarra Infant Toddler Program we continued to see low numbers and as a result of this we have now relocated this playgroup to the William Bertram Community Centre in Bertram.  The Bertram Infant Toddler Program will commence on Tuesday 10 August and already we have several families interested in joining us at this new location.  Thank you Nat for being flexible with the relocation of this playgroup.

Over the last week of term 2 the Adolescent Program (AP) had a renaming of the first sub school and each of the advisories in that sub school to incorporate the Noongar names of sea creatures.  Earlier in first semester the second sub school, Barna Marlak also went through this process.  Please enjoy reading the article from the Adolescent Program outlining the naming process the students underwent for this important part of our school history.

2021 is the last time our Senior School students will be required to undertake the School Curriculum Standards Authority’s courses of study to achieve an ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank).  With two of our current senior school students already being offered Tertiary placements for 2022 we believe the introduction this year of the Montessori Curriculum for 15-18 year olds in conjunction with our Big Picture Australia learner profiles is the direction of the future.   Please enjoy reading the attached article from The Guardian on “Alternatives to the ATAR” and please do not hesitate to contact Tony Gillespie Tgillespie@rms.wa.edu.au our Adolescent Program Deputy Principal, for more information on our Senior School pathways.

Vanessa Aikins -Principal