Express Your Interest

Thanks to everyone who attended the Talent Show and Markets on Friday 10 March, 2023. The event was organised by three Upper Primary children to raise money and take donations for the Dogs Refuge Home in Shenton Park. The trio then organised an excursion to deliver the money – over $400.00! – and donations of toys, food and clothes. Hollie, at the Dogs Refuge Home, welcomed the visit and introduced the children to Tulip the puppy (who was very grateful and very, very cute).

This kind of event and the additional excursion are central parts of our Upper Primary Montessori programme. Children in the Second Plane of Development are very interested in the wider world. When younger, they are curious about other cultures and ways of living, as they get older, they become more interested in concepts such as fairness, justice and respect. They want to help their community, and are often focused on situations they perceive to be unfair, unjust and unkind.

Their Great Work is to do research on that situation and then offer a resolution. In this case, the situation was the plight of rescue dogs, including dogs that have to be surrendered because their owners can no longer care for them, and supporting an organisation that helps these animals.

The Great Work involved researching and contacting the Dogs Refuge Home to find out how to help; working within given guidelines; planning and setting up the Talent Show and Markets; negotiating with staff (including OSHC) to use the school space after hours; encouraging the involvement of other children and then running the whole event.

After the Talent Show and Markets, they counted the money and collated the donations. The trip to Shenton Park is part of the Montessori Going Out programme, and involved organising the day and time, getting the necessary permissions, and sorting the donations. It also involved thinking about how to be calm and still, being mindful that the dogs at the Home may be stressed and not used to children (so hard when you are so excited).