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 Successful Transitions

There is a special energy in the air. It’s a period for transitions between cycles of learning. 30% of Middle School students and 50% of Senior School students engaging in a transition of sorts: some new to the school, many transitioning from MS to SS. Our school environment is filled with excitement and wonder about the new phase of learning for each student.

“I find it very pleasant. I’ve come from another school and the AP is a more peaceful, less stressful place to learn. Coming here has made learning enjoyable again for me”. (Briah, new to Mantarays)

Change can be a challenge for some: a new environment, a new peer group, new teachers, lots of new learning, each on their own journey. As the largest age-related transition group in the history of the Adolescent Program, the new year ten students have adapted smoothly to their new program in Senior School. All enjoying the calm and the quiet and filled with anticipation about new opportunities for Learning Through Internships (LTI’s) and this year’s Odyssey.

“It’s very peaceful in Senior School and much easier to get work done. I’ve noticed that the work is harder but I can see it will help me prepare for my future. I’m really excited about my LTI soon”. (Taj, new to Wobbegongs)


 By Tony Gillespie, Deputy Principal