Express Your Interest

The Kara children returned refreshed and eager to explore jobs after their wonderful winter break! They were excited to see the renovations done on our Kara playground. Everyone waited patiently for pleasant sunny weather to explore the new play area so they could have fun with each other.

The older children have been supportive in welcoming new friends into our classroom this term. This is such a great leadership skill set for the children to develop and apply. Observing older children act as role models with new children is a fundamental Montessori practice to observe in the prepared environment. More so, it is important to allow all students to feel connected and safe within the class community on a holistic level.

Working with colours in a variety of formats has been a popular job choice for many students. Everyone loved observing how colours blended with each other to form new shades. For example with the colour-mixing job, some children loved experimenting in test tubes to have a visual understanding of colour. The children also placed red, blue and yellow drops on a paper towel to experiment with how colours are mixed and form new colour shades. Many of the older children experienced colour sorting with the Montessori materials quite satisfying.

Kara Class – Sayantika, Carla, Simmi