Express Your Interest

The term has flown by so fast!  There has been a buzz in all the children’s House classes with some children experiencing “explosive moments” into learning. While some children have been learning new phonemes, others worked with more challenging maths jobs and experienced “I can do it myself” moments. From practical life activities to sensorial and other areas of the classroom, the children have built important skills of deep concentration, fine and gross motor development and most importantly the “joy of learning”. It has been great to see the children more confident in the classrooms and becoming more independent as they develop and grow. The older children develop their leadership skills by giving lessons to the younger children.


The photos show students working on the hundreds board, constructing words with the large moveable alphabet, working with the map of Europe, chair scrubbing and bead board.

by Ayesha Meer – Children’s House Program Coordinator & Seahorse Teacher