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Children’s House Sports Day Fun!

The RMS Children’s House really enjoyed practising for and taking part in the RMS whole school Sports Day in Week 1 of this term. The early years are an important time for children to learn how to move. Experts agree that young children need daily physical activity (both free play and structured) to be healthy. Movement not only matters for brain development, but it is also translated into many health benefits, including a healthier heart, stronger muscles, better posture, improved confidence and self-esteem, and general physical and mental well-being. During their early years, which set the basis for a lifetime, children need to develop what is known as ‘physical literacy.’ This is the learning and mastering of fundamental movement and athletic skills, like running, jumping, balancing, skipping or throwing and catching a ball. (From: montessorium.com)

In a world that often focuses on competition and personal gain, children benefit greatly from opportunities that encourage them to think and act considerately toward others. Montessori teachers try to integrate such opportunities in all classroom areas, including physical education activities. To do this successfully in physical education, Montessori teachers shift the focus of sports and physical activities toward an approach that is non-competitive and collaborative.

We have the opportunity to see physical activity time as an opportunity for relationship building, cooperation, celebration and positive interconnectedness. Teaching students to show consideration and care for one another develops stronger relationships among students that carry over to their everyday interactions. It also helps students become role models and positive leaders.

As Montessori teachers, we aim to facilitate awareness and understanding. We demonstrate that the way we interact with each other and treat one another is a delicate yet powerful building block in the development of a greater peace in the world. Thanks also to all the parents and families who were able to join in the fun and support their children’s efforts!