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Helen’s Magical Moments at RMS

Helen has been at our school for 9 years and 7 months.  She has brought about a real passion for life and learning to all our Children’s House students. During her time, she shared her gift for teaching Montessori. The children loved her Science lessons!

She was dedicated and deeply passionate about what she brought to all the students she taught. Helen encouraged the children to explore the natural world through experiential lessons that were fascinating and interesting. Exploration, inquiry and discovery was the goal of the Science lessons in Children’s House. Learning ‘hands-on’, making predictions, and observing and developing children’s scientific vocabulary, forms an integral part of learning about the Science curriculum.

Helen has introduced topics on our ‘Keeping Safe’ curriculum for students in Children’s House. Through discussions, role-play and using scenarios Helen introduced the topics in a fun manner.

The students enjoyed all their lessons and time spent with Helen! We wish Helen all the best for the future.