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It has been so good to be able to provide the Children’s House Prep Program again this year for this Second Semester of 2020.

The purpose of our program is to prepare each child while using their senses in a natural, fun and relaxed manner for when they transition into the Montessori Children’s House.

The children find transition from playgroup ( accompanied by their parents ) to Children’s House Prep, an easy and fun transition as the Montessori materials are all visual and interest provoking. The materials require little instruction yet attract their attention allowing for much self exploration, independence, confidence and new learnt skills and information.

With us in mid term already, I can proudly say we have already achieved much, each student is capable and able to unroll and roll up their own floor work mat. The work mat is their visual way of showing their personally selected work space within the classroom for their chosen Montessori activity of which is to be respected by their classmates. The understanding and thoughtfulness between the – inside voice and outside voice is being better understood and attempted.

The coloured water pouring activities have been a firm favourite with each child this term. These activities encourage exact, slow and careful movements as they perfect their hand/eye coordination while pouring liquids from one jug into another without spilling.

The cutting activity has been a close second among the group. As they attempt cutting, their fingers are strengthening and their cutting accuracy and ability is improving.

I’m so proud of each and every one of my students as they slowly becoming more relaxed and confident to wave their parents away each morning, to chat with their classmates and confidently move about the classroom from one chosen activity to the next.

Penny – Children’s House Prep Program Coordinator