Express Your Interest

It has been a very busy first term in Seahorses. The children have settled well into the daily routines of the classroom. We have had fun celebrating Harmony week all of last week. On the 21st of March, we had a wonderful day as some children came to school wearing traditional clothes and others wore orange. The colour of Harmony Day is orange and we saw lots of that colour too!

In our Seahorse class, we had Kaia’s mum Sonja who came in and spoke to the children about Bosnia and Herzegovina. She showed the children some artefacts like a small coffee cup and a beautiful silver tray with patterns. The children learnt a dance and Pollyanna got to wear the stunning necklace and the shiny head gear!

Augustus’s grandad, (deda) came in to share a Ukrainian song with the class playing his guitar. He showed them some pictures about Ukraine and the kids loved the little hat he wore.

Jana, Elias’s mum came in to share about her Kyrgyzstan culture. She read them a story and showed the children beautiful pictures of Kyrgyzstan. Jana also played a musical instrument and showed the children some artefacts. This was a wonderful experience for the children to learn about other cultures.

Celebrating Harmony Day is important – a great way to show that we care about everyone in our community. It was great to see everyone joining in this wonderful chance to celebrate and embrace our diversity. We love the diversity of our community and embrace all of the great opportunities this provides to enrich all our lives. Harmony Day is about celebrating our differences and making everyone feel they belong.