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We all enjoyed Maria Montessori’s birthday celebration here at Rockingham Montessori School! Each class made a visual arrangement of the Montessori materials they use every day, with each picture containing a “secret word”. These pictures were made into puzzles. On Monday 31st August, Montessori’s birthday, the children had fun putting together the puzzles and finding the secret word in each one. Later, during a whole school get together, the children rearranged the secret words from each puzzle to form a sentence about Maria Montessori’s vision – “Establishing lasting peace is the work of education”. A visual presentation centred around ways this might happen in the classroom: the work mats we use every day help us to respect our own and others’ work; making silence helps us to control our bodies and listen carefully; the continent globe represents our knowledge and understanding of the people we share our planet with – all essential for lasting peace. Everyone sang “Light a Candle for Peace” and finally Happy Birthday around the birthday candle. What an amazing person she was and her vision for education is stronger than ever! Happy 150th Birthday Dr Montessori!

Deb Dwyer – Dolphins Class Teacher