Express Your Interest

We have set up a Rockingham Montessori School account (Microsoft Teams) for each of our Infant Toddler families to help keep everyone in touch with each other and with what is happening within our school community. An email from the school administration was sent out late last term with your username and login details for you to access this account. We run a story and song time every Monday – Wednesday from 10:30 – 11:15 for everyone in the group. Our first sessions ran in the last week of Term 1 and it was just lovely to see and hear from those families that were involved. If the group is large then it is best to turn your mute on and your camera off, that way your child will be able to see the pictures properly and hear the story without disruption.

Song time is a bit more tricky. We would still like to ask each child their particular song choice. When it’s your child’s turn (you will know, we will sing out each child’s name in turn) please unmute and turn your camera on for the full duration of their song choice.

We will also allocate your family a 1:1 meeting to discuss all things Montessori for your Infant toddler 0-3 Years. This will be once a week, usually on your allocated Playgroup day. For those of you who do not have an allocated day we will endeavor to contact you also. Meeting times will appear in your Calendar, just message if you require an alternate day or time.

Let’s all do our best to flatten the curve by staying at home. We hope that we will be back to our usual way of life very soon.

Orla Dinneen – Infant Toddler Program Coordinator