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We are busy preparing some of our older children for their transition into Children’s House early next year. Some have older siblings in various classes already and are  awaiting their turn to finally start, whilst for others it may be the first time being separated from family on a regular basis. It is always a good idea to start the separation process a term or two before your child is due to start Children’s House. If you are anxious about it then start by leaving your child with a trusted friend. Even if it’s just for a few minutes, then build it up. Parents who establish a consistent goodbye routine typically have better luck with successful goodbyes. Take a special moment to say goodbye, and do it exactly that same way, everyday. In our group the parent of the older child starts to take steps back, little by little, and becomes an observer of the child at work and play.

Thank you Nicole for sourcing a beautiful second hand self care station for our group. With a little TLC it will be ready to go next term. Thank you Emma for taking care of our plants both inside and outside of school holidays.

We return on Monday 12 October for Term 4 and hope to see you all again after a relaxing three week break. Next term is only  9 weeks in total, with our group finishing on Wednesday 9 December.

Orla Dinneen – Infant Toddler Program Coordinator