Express Your Interest

Our children are very busy card making, decorating a potted Norfolk pine tree, stamping cinnamon dough and adding glitter to almost every art work in sight. We are reading special festive books that are only out on our shelves at this time of the year.  Good luck to the children starting in Children’s House early next year,   we will miss you and hope you all have a smooth transition into school life.

If you wish to return to our groups in the New Year please let us know at your next session. Alternatively, feel free to call the office on 9528 2118 to book your preferred day.

Thank you Tina for offering to take care of our plants during the long break. Thank you Emma for the lovely surprise calendula pot we found on our door step last week.

Return dates for Rockingham in 2022 are Monday 31st January, Tuesday 1st February and Wednesday 2nd February. Lakelands will reopen on Tuesday 1st February and Friday 4th February.

Have a safe and restful holiday break and we look forward to seeing you all again in the New Year.

Orla and Carla