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Welcome back everyone. It has been a hot and humid start to our year,  almost too hot to be outside in the mornings. Indoors is lovely and cool and the children are enjoying pouring, spooning and whipping up water in various practical life jobs. We are chopping and scooping balls of  melon, slicing strawberries and cutting cubes of mango in preparation for shared morning tea. The children enjoy this food preparation work immensely, not just the end product. Our very little members are already drinking well from a real glass, much to their parents amazement, and practicing serving fruit pieces using a small thongs. We are so lucky to have a small number of siblings who are still babies and bring us all much joy. These babies will not be babies for much longer, one is already almost up on her knees and starting to rock back and forth on the spot, whilst the other is a seasoned roller. We love having younger siblings at our group and please remember that the younger sibling can attend all sessions for free until their first birthday.

Our space got a fresh coat of paint, new lighting as well as totally renovated toilets out the back. It all looks and feels updated and fresh. This year will also see all of our wooden furniture and equipment being sanded back and waxed for many more years of good use by the children.

Thank you to Emma, Thomas and family for taking care of our plants over the summer break. They came back to us in the form of new hardier plants that will be better able to withstand the heat and sun.

If you know a family that may enjoy a free trial with us, please bring them along with you next time you visit. We would love to introduce them to Montessori.