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Tidying up and packing away after work tends to be a struggle all of a sudden when the child is just over two years old. They shrug a shoulder, ignore, moving on quickly to something else leaving everything behind. Parents may get exasperated and often a power struggle unfolds. Often by allowing the child to continue engaging with whatever distracted her in the first place, waiting for a natural pause before reminding her to tidy up the abandoned job, can work well. Highlighting what comes next can be a great incentive to keep them on track. “When you have finished washing up the orange juicing tray you may choose new work, maybe you would like to paint or have a snack.”

Nesting season has arrived! Please be aware that we have two swooping magpies guarding their nest in and around our outdoor area. When you walk to the toilet please use the umbrellas provided for your safety. We are reading Waddle Giggle Gargle! by Pamela Allen this week telling the story of a determined magpie who protects her nest by swooping anyone who get too close. It takes some figuring out by the humans to come up with a plan to protect themselves from her swooping.

Our group returns for Term 4 from Monday 14 October. We look forward to seeing you all again after a restful holiday break.

Orla Dinneen- Infant Toddler Coordinator