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I have been at the iWomen project for only two full days, but I can tell you that this is one of the greatest opportunities I have ever taken. The first day consisted of team building activities and getting to know the people in your group until lunch, afterwards we had many women come in from all different industries to talk to us about their jobs and to answer all of our questions. The second day we went for an excursion to ‘The Construction Future Centre.’ We got to see a day in the life of many different careers, for example, a Building designer, a Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanic, and an Electrician, just to name a few. They had heaps of activities available to us, my favorite was the Virtual Reality experience. And in the afternoon we got visited by a lady named Michelle who helps with getting iWomen and iMen Leeuwin scholarships. It’s a seven-day long voyage from Fremantle to Fremantle, one of the ladies participating in the iWomen course will get the scholarship. I am having the most amazing time, and I am finding out brand new jobs opportunities that I may want to pursue. If anyone gets the chance to participate, I highly encourage you take it.

By Kadence Adolescent Program Student