Express Your Interest

The children in Mooja’s class have been busy with their learning and activities. They have made good progress in speaking and reading Indonesian with Pania, who has also been giving Technology lessons.

Karen has been completing some lovely works of art with the children, culminating from their lessons on artists and their various styles. She is also running a great sports programme and lessons on how to live a healthy life.

The class has been getting involved in the Great Stories, learning about the beginning of the Universe, the beginning of the Earth and the coming of life on the Earth. They are now looking at themselves as human beings on Earth; our special gifts and abilities as well as our responsibilities to the Earth.

We are starting to get ready for Jump Rope For Heart. The children are practising their skipping skills and working on building their fitness and stamina. Families are encouraged to support the children in their work by making a donation to sponsor the amount of skipping. The funds go to the Heart Foundation to assist in their excellent work in research and development of techniques and devices to aid children with heart issues.

Di Edmonds

Mooja Teacher