Express Your Interest

The Mooja class has been enjoying the work routines and making great use of the wonderful array of Montessori materials. As I write, we have had a new material delivered and Nicole and I have set it up for the children to use. The Puzzle Maps and a beautiful stand. We are so happy to have this material in the room. Geography facts will be on a definite increase over the next few days and weeks. The children are excited to learn the flags for each of the countries as well.

The children have been studiously working with the materials for reading and writing, with a noticeable glow of confidence from individuals as their skills and abilities become apparent. We have a lovely range of reading books in the room, which the children practice their silent reading with, every day after playtime.

Mondays, Pania takes the children for Technology lessons and Indonesian. The children are enjoying both with her. Friday mornings sees Marie come into the room with a music session for the whole class and then she takes the eight-year-olds out for their ukulele lesson.

Di and Nicole