Express Your Interest

What a busy and productive term we had!

In Sea Lions, the children love writing stories. Using familiar texts, we discovered elements of a narrative text. The older children had an opportunity to discuss using their favourite book. They were very creative in coming up with imaginary characters placed in interesting settings and exciting plots. The children wrote very interesting stories as they were so engaged. Everyone enjoyed listening to each other’s stories.

This term we celebrated Harmony day at RMS. All the children wore clothes from their cultural background or orange clothes to celebrate Harmony day. We did in-class activities and also did cooking to celebrate Harmony day.

In History, we have been learning about past, present and future daily life, toys, and transport. Children from Sea Lions brought some toys from home that belong to their parents and grandparents.

On Tuesdays, we have Eunice in the classroom for music lessons. Children are actively participating in music lessons learning about different instruments and many different rhythms. Children also go to Eunice for ukulele lessons on Thursday.

Manmeen Kaur