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Starfish children were introduced to anaerobic composting using the Maze Bokashi indoor compost bin.

Below is the step-by-step guide written by Scarlett and Camden.

Bokashi Composting

  1. Put the Bokashi bin together. Fix the tap properly to ensure no leaks.
  2. Start adding the food scraps to the bin. Chop up the food scraps into smaller pieces to speed up the fermentation process.
  3. As you add the food scraps, spray the compost accelerator Bokashi liquid. Push the food scraps down to pack them tightly.
  4. Once full, put it aside for two to three weeks and start a new bin.
  5. While waiting, drain the tea every two to three days. Pour it into a watering can and mix it with water. Use the mixture to water the plants.
  6. Once it is time to empty the bin, the pre-compost can be buried in the garden. In about a month, it would have been broken down to compost.

The children are waiting patiently to witness the whole process in the coming weeks. This activity helps children to understand how a small effort in controlling kitchen waste makes a big difference in taking care of the environment. It connects them better with Mother Nature.


Starfish Teacher