Express Your Interest

Starfish had a wonderful start to the term with two additional members joining us. Welcome Amelia and Sloan!

The term began with a discussion on the night sky. Children shared their experiences of what they had seen before. This conversation led to how long ago the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders noticed that the stars in the night sky made patterns and how it helped them to search for food and understand weather patterns. Further discussions led to the understanding of constellations seen in the southern and northern hemispheres. The children also studied the flag of Australia to spot the Southern Cross.

Children had an opportunity to understand how natural elements such as ochre, were used in painting. They had a go with dot paintings using primary colours.

Children enjoy movement. They are practising dance steps for a Spanish song with Lizeth. They are also participating in playing percussion instruments with Eunice.

This term is going to be another exciting term with children harvesting the winter produce from the veggie patch. They will be learning skipping skills in preparation for Jump Rope for Heart.

Vanita – Starfish teacher