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The Starfish children engaged with the second story of their cosmic education series: The Timeline of Life. Through captivating visuals, they explored the evolutionary journey of life on Earth. This narrative acquaints them with scientific perspectives on Earth’s formation and also deepens their understanding of its complex past.

Engaging in stimulating discussions, the children explored different eras. Some children were surprised to learn that insects and reptiles predated mammals in Earth’s chronicles.

Children also explored The Timeline of Life independently. This helped them deepen their understanding of evolution and familiarise themselves with terms such as vertebrates and invertebrates. Through independent research on various species, children were given opportunities to enrich their learning experiences.

This immersive lesson is a gateway to further exploration across various subject areas, including Botany and Zoology.

Bringing scientific concepts with real-world examples ignites curiosity and lays a robust foundation for interdisciplinary learning, nurturing a lifelong passion for understanding the natural world.