Express Your Interest

On Monday the 31st of August, the Adolescent Program celebrated the life of Maria Montessori. Each Advisory researched an area of her life and presented to the community an engaging activity or summary of information. To start in the Middle School, the Narwhals entertained with a drama performance on Maria’s early life. The Hammerheads followed on teaching the community through performance about her work ethic, her ability for intrinsic motivation and how she developed the importance of self-regulation. Andrew and the Orca’s dedicated their time to telling the story of her life in India and the important work she completed in this region. Lastly in the Middle School, the Crocodilo’s created a treasure hunt which lead the group to understand the education she completed, becoming a Doctor, and all of the qualifications she received.

Across in the Senior School, the Mantaray students lead an investigation into Dr. Maria Montessori’s Nobel Peace Prize, and the events that took place at that time. Jacob organised a presentation to develop an understanding into why Dr. Maria Montessori is universally known for her contribution to the cause of peace and the brotherhood of nations. Students explored how she has dedicated the best years of her long and active life, laying the foundations of a true science of peace by means of an innovated form of education.

Kirsty Williams – Adolescent Program Coordinator