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Maria Montessori’s Celebration of Life – 31 August

 Last month we brought tribute to a woman who changed not only education, but our way of thinking of the child. We had a celebration of the life of Maria Montessori on Friday the 30th August.   Montessori has some very distinctive outcomes. Firstly, it is an education method based on mutual respect and development of the individual. Secondly, the Montessori Prepared Environment is like no other in which multi ages function according to their planes of development. It is bright and exciting; stimulates learning and creativity and encourages a strong sense of community which is managed by children and educators together. This wonderful environment develops leadership skills and independence.

Each of the classes made their own pasta sauce. The children used their practical life skills and important fine motor skills to prepare the pasta sauce. It all began with the chopping of tomatoes, grating cheese, cutting capsicum into small pieces, slicing zucchini and cutting herbs. The sauce was cooked in class and we all enjoyed a picnic lunch outdoors.

Science in Children’s House

Helen has been presenting Science lessons in the Penguins, Dolphins and Seahorse classes on Thursdays or Fridays. Exploration, inquiry and discovery are the goals of the Science lessons in the Children’s House classes. Learning ‘hands-on’ after making predications of possible outcomes along with enriching the vocabulary around Science is the method.  Reflections, mirrors and shadows were the study this semester using torches, mirrors and glass prisms to see the colours of the rainbow. The children discovered what papers were transparent or opaque and made shadow puppets to create a play. Mirrors were used to discover symmetry using shapes and drawings as part of the work.

Another interesting topic of study this semester was learning about Weather. Children learnt about the seasons, water cycle, wind, clouds and temperature. The fun part of it all was that the children had a chance to make wind socks and fly them outside.

Ayesha Meer – Children’s House Program Coordinator & Teacher