Express Your Interest

On Wednesday the 1st of May Middle School students travelled to Roelands Village, located on the Collie River, for their three-day-two-night Expedition.  Roelands Village was originally a farm, however, it was also used as a mission to house Aboriginal children from all over Western Australia. Roelands was home to over 500 children from the stolen generation. During their time at the village, former mission children, Roelands CEO Les Wallam and AFL legend Syd Jackson told the students their stories. Students sat around the campfire whilst they heard about the history of the mission and the farm, the life of the children and many other accounts of what it meant for them and their families.

Our first night was rather chilly, with students (and staff) rugged up and braving the cold, as temperatures dropped below 4 degrees. The community bonded over the warm fires at night, and enjoyed night activities such as roasting marshmallows and Spotlight.  Throughout the days the family and friends of Les Wallam took students on various different activities. These included, a nature walk down to the creek, damper making and Aboriginal art activities. On the last day students gave back to the community helping build the paths in the village in preparation for the Roelands Village Festival. Roelands was a wonderful experience and we look forward to our next adventure down to the village.

Kirsty Bell – Adolescent Program Coordinator