Express Your Interest

We are now in Week 3 and the Middle School students have been buzzing in the environment working diligently and enthusiastically. In our Advisories we have welcomed new students into the space and our eldest have been contributing and supporting others with their leadership skills. We have appointed our new management roles and classes are off to a fantastic start.

Humanities and Languages have now combined to further support the Montessori methodology by allowing more of a class curricula approach. We have delved into the Ancient Egyptian Civilisation and students are developing their knowledge through a wide range of experiences and resources. The introduction to Seminar has been met with enthusiasm as each Advisory tackles and explores a range of short stories from different genres and authors.

We have welcomed Jade back to the environment as she busily works with Mark to develop our Physical Expression program. Tanya, Beau and Gurmayll continue to lead our Music and Indonesian classes, adding additional layers to an already broad Creative Expression curriculum. In addition to the current Occupations program of Senior School Science, Kitchen and Factory the students are now involved with a Montessori Market looking at small business opportunities within the community. Something to definitely keep an eye out for!

This terms calendar is sure to be busy for the students, as they are involved in incursions, excursions and a wide range of learning. We welcome those interested in seeing the adolescent environment to visit at the Adolescent Program as we journey into what is going to be a thought-provoking term one.

Kirsty Bell, AP Program Coordinator