Express Your Interest

A great few hours was spent last Thursday morning discussing the Montessori approach to “Freedom and Discipline”. The basis for the discussion was an article by Sarah Werner Andrews – Montessori Institute Northwest, the URL is:


To quote part of the article: The conventional understanding of freedom is the direct opposite of the conventional understanding of discipline. Freedom is a release from discipline. But when we separate freedom from discipline, the result is chaos, impulsiveness, permissiveness, and abandonment …. With this kind of freedom, we “follow the child right over the cliff.”

How then do we stop ourselves from going over the cliff? The article considered the true meanings of freedom and discipline, but we only got through half the reading. So please join us next Montessori Chat to discuss the practical ways to provide the limits, choices and consequences that lead to the Montessori concept of self-discipline.

Deb Dwyer – Dolphins Teacher