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This discussion followed on from the previous one which was about the development of the will and obedience. Once again, it was wonderful to have such a big group of people adding to the topic and making the chat so rich and helpful!

Various articles and quotes were referred to and will be included at the end of the article. The discussion centred around the following points:

Montessori teachers work with each child on developing their will. Children gradually stretch their self-control, their ability to put the rules and the good of the classroom above their impulse at that moment.  https://www.mother.ly/child/5-phrases-montessori-teachers-use-to-teach-self-control

Due to the educational approach, Montessori graduates are much more likely to show high levels of intrinsic motivation.

How does this come about?

  • Cycles of uninterrupted concentration
  • Opportunities given to preferred learning styles
  • Choice, therefore the work is theirs
  • Opportunities to expand on their knowledge
  • Decision making opportunities
  • Logical limits that enhance the development of responsibility
  • Empowerment which is followed by pleasure in what they do

Intrinsic motivation builds the personality. It is a “characteristic” for life.

An intrinsically motivated person will do well in anything they set their mind too.





Deb Dwyer – Children’s House Teacher