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Adam Hall and the Velvet Players

I liked that Adam Hall and the Velvet Players were funny and that they had all different instruments, the Piano, the Trombone, the Drum Kit, the Trumpet and the Flute.  They did scatting, and sang songs like I wanna be like you, from the Jungle Book.  Some people got to go up and do scatting with Adam.

Matilda , Dugongs class

I liked that they did call and response with us and how some kids got to do scatting with them.  The band were really good at scatting and they were really funny.

Kyra Sunkar, Dugongs class

Adam Hall and the Velvet Players.  Well the reason I am writing about them is that they came to our school on Thursday 27 August and that was the best time of my life.  They did a lot of singing and scatting.  I even got to go up to the front to do some moves.  It was so great.

by Kobi, Dugongs class