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We have enjoyed a wonderful start to our new Pinjarra Infant Toddler Program, setting up the new venue, continuing to build upon the materials, and meeting the new families has been very exciting for all. We have felt so welcomed by the Pinjarra Community Gardens.

The children have enjoyed exploring the equipment from the shelves, washing windows, juicing oranges and spreading crackers, all whilst surrounded by the beautiful scenery from the Pinjarra Community Gardens. There has been great interest in the practical life shelf as children master scooping and pouring beans. This week we will be adding a few more jobs to the shelf such as nuts and bolts.

Outside the children climb, crawl and ride the bikes under the shade of the most magnificent tree with a luscious canopy stretching almost over the entire play area. There are plenty of opportunities to engage in gross motor experiences, with our climbing frames set to accommodate both our younger and more experienced climbers. Please remember to bring a hat, we have had a few particularly hot days.

As we continue to grow, we are ever grateful for the ongoing support of Orla and the Rockingham Infant Toddler Program with valued guidance and Montessori materials. Orla’s environment is always stunning, and her knowledge and experience ensures families are receiving an amazing start to their Montessori journey at Rockingham Montessori.

We look forward to more glorious weather to see us through to the end of term.

Natalie and Orla