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Welcome back to Term 4.

Many new families have joined us in both Rockingham and Lakelands and we are delighted to introduce you to Montessori for the very young. There is plenty of new work on the shelves that is already causing much excitement. Strawberry season is back and our strawberry-slicing work is almost causing a line-up of eager toddlers waiting for a turn.

Waiting for your friend to finish up the whole sequence of work can be a long wait and quietly observing from the side without disrupting others is encouraged, how else will they know how to manipulate the strawberry cutter if not from a peer? Peer learning will follow your child’s journey through Montessori. You will see multi-age classrooms 3-6 years, 6-9 years, 9-12 years, 12-15 years & 15-18 years are all fundamental to the Montessori method in every Montessori school worldwide.

It is based on what a family structure may look like with multi-aged siblings. Children of different ages help one another. The younger ones watch what the older ones are doing and may even ask all kinds of questions, and the older one explains. This is really useful teaching, for the way that a three-year-old interprets and explains with or without words is more helpful to the younger child than anything any adult can say. It’s like a harmony that exists between both of them. Please allow your child in the midst of observation, the time to observe. They are learning.

A friendly reminder to all of our Rockingham families (on all days) that due to anaphylaxis please do not carry or eat any food items containing egg, almond, cashew and /or coconut in our group. The health and safety of all our members is a top priority. We thank you for your cooperation with this matter.

Please remember to pack a spare set of clothes, a hat and to apply sunscreen before you arrive, the sun is shining brightly at this time of the year and burns exposed skin quickly. Our sunshade is rolled out fully and indoors remains lovely and cool. We also have plenty of water-based work to help cool down.

If you miss a session for any reason you may “make up” within the term in either Rockingham (4 Attwood Way) or Lakelands (20 Dalona Parkway).

Limited Tuesday places are available at our Rockingham site, and at our Lakelands site there are limited places on Monday, Tuesday and Friday.

Please call the office on 9528 2118 to arrange a free trial.

Carla and Orla