Express Your Interest

I hope families enjoyed Mother’s Day on the weekend and that these special ladies were treated with lovely surprises from your children.  I certainly enjoyed my lunch prepared by my sons.

I would like to welcome Mani Gilliland as our new music teacher through Edu Music.  Mani has been with us since week eight of term one as Tanya Beretovac went on maternity leave early.  We would like to thank Tanya for all her work with our children both in the Primary School and Adolescent Program and wish her well with her upcoming addition to her family.

The weather was so beautiful for our Sports Day last week and the feedback we have received about separating out the three planes of development across the activities on the day was very positive.  Due to this working so well and the games being enjoyed by the students more, we will continue to have activities set up separately for the Children’s House, Primary and Adolescent Programs however of course we will ensure that we have a whole school event that brings all together at the end of the day’s program. We also hope that all families join us for the Walk to School Day on Friday 17 May as this is always a popular event culminating in a yummy breakfast at the Primary School site.  We will be meeting at the Wanliss St carpark for an 8am leave time, come early to ensure you are part of our group photo.

We are delighted to welcome Scarlett Farrell into the Upper Primary classes on Monday afternoon’s for drama lessons.  Since the commencement of our Adolescent Program seven years ago, we have regularly scheduled our Adolescent Program teachers to teach in the Upper Primary to assist these students with transitions.  Moving into a high school setting can be a daunting task for any child however we endeavour to minimise any anxiety to do with this transition by having regular visits to the Adolescent Program site and also having these students regularly interacting with the teachers they will have in their next cycle.  We thank Jade Cowderoy for teaching sport and health last term for both the Dugongs and Turtles.

I would like to congratulate Deb Dwyer and Di Edmonds for their Montessori Presentations at Murdoch Uni over the past two weeks and I am delighted that we have already had teachers undertake observations in our classes after being inspired by our wonderful teacher’s presentations.  If you missed these two events please ensure you come along this Thursday night to the Primary School where our teachers will be presenting Mathematics across the three planes (3-18 years) for this term’s Parent Education Evening.  We will be starting at 6pm and a crèche will be available.  Please book a place in the crèche through reception@rms.wa.edu.au  

We welcome your feedback on our trial of the children having lunch inside classrooms.  The staff are eager to see if this initiative further supports our Healthy Eating Policy and Waste Wise School Program.

Please come along to the 2019 Annual General Meeting to be held at 3.30pm on Wednesday 5 June in the Turtles classroom.  A crèche will be provided on the afternoon and please contact reception@rms.wa.edu.au to reserve a place in the crèche.