Express Your Interest

I would like to thank all Primary School families for replying to our emails regarding their preferences around the Kiss and Drive procedures going forward from next week.  Thank you also for all the supportive and kind words of encouragement for our staff management of Kiss and Drive, this is greatly appreciated.  However I mostly want congratulate you on managing the Kiss and Drive changes that have constantly occurred and that we have now gained huge success with.  As a result our staff have enjoyed being out doing Kiss and Drive and seeing the independence of the children blossom over this period.  In the mornings there is rarely a queue and in the afternoons we are clearing all cars by 3.10pm on most days.  The results of your responses are overwhelmingly in support of continuing Kiss and Drive in its current form however several families would like the opportunity of coming on site in the afternoon at various times, as this is a key part of our school culture and community feel amongst families across the school.

Based on your feedback I would like to report that we will continue with all families using Kiss and Drive in the mornings and for half day pickups.  Several parents have reported this works particularly well when they have a younger sibling asleep in the car that they don’t have to disturb. In the afternoon, families can choose if they would like to continue with Kiss and Drive or if they would like to come on site to collect their child/ren.  If you have informed us you would like to use Kiss and Drive in the afternoon your child will be ready and awaiting collection. If you choose to park and come on site to collect your child, we ask that you do not park on Attwood Way as we do not want cars reversing out into the heavy flow of traffic using Kiss and Drive.  We also ask that you arrive between 2.50pm and 3pm to minimise heavy foot traffic entering the school once Kiss and Drive has commenced.  We also ask that you remain on site until at least 3.15pm to enable Kiss and Drive to have cleared with all cars and once again minimise foot traffic around the flow of traffic.  Please refer to the map below showing the parking bays on Emma Street and as we are using the PCYC carpark as a collection point for our older children, we ask that you do not park in that space.

I am sure one of the main reasons you joined RMS was the feel of our community and it is vital that we continue this.  At our recent Community Spirit meeting we focused on this and I am delighted to announce as of next week we will be commencing our craft sessions for families.  We also discussed, with the social distancing restrictions being relaxed, that Parent Liaisons would now be able to start having gatherings to ensure the connectedness of families in classes and across the school.  Another suggestion was to start to have afternoon catchups/playdates on the Primary School site where we could have parents bring along a snack for their child and they stay to have a play in our facilities.  We would be really happy to hear if you have any other suggestions that can ensure our community supports each other and creates strong connections to and between our school community.