Express Your Interest

I am putting a call out to all helpers. We have several jobs that will be undertaken between now and the beginning of next year and would love to have our families help out where they can.

Saturday 28 November at 2pm we are having a book covering session at the Primary School. Thank you to those people who responded previously to say they can do this task out of work hours. We will teach you how we want the books covered for the library and through next year we will continue to have weekend and week day book covering sessions so we can finalise cataloguing all resources.

Friday 4 December is Carols on the Green and we need helpers prior/during and following the event for set up and pack up.

Friday 11 to Sunday 13 December will see the removal of the Primary School playground equipment. We need strong people to shift/lift heavy items. With large equipment in use, please do not bring children on site.

Monday 14 and Tuesday 15 December we will be having carpet laid and cleaned throughout the Primary and High School and require helpers to shift furniture. The Primary School playground will be installed during this time so again please no children on site.

Monday 14 and Tuesday 15 December we will be setting up the new Adolescent Program classrooms where we will need help with shifting furniture.

Thursday 17 December our new Pinjarra Playgroup site will be setup and we will need helpers to transport furniture.

Wednesday 20 and Thursday 21 January the linoleum in all Primary school classes will be resealed and we will need help shifting furniture.

Please let us know via reception@rms.wa.edu.au if you are able to help on which days.

I would like to thank our Senior School students Bella, Keisha and Ella for coordinating the Christmas Shoe Boxes for the children up at Mowanjum remote Aboriginal Community. If you have not yet chosen a child to provide a gift to and would like to do so, please contact reception@rms.wa.edu.au We encourage your family to continue to communicate with your chosen child throughout the year by sending emails/letters through our school to the community and they too will send responses through the school. I would also like to thank Kadence, Hannah and Ryan from our Adolescent Program for coordinating the design for the new outdoor area at the Murdoch University site.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing photos from the camps that have taken place over the past few weeks and also our “Walk Safely to School Day”. Thank you to Jo Benson for coordinating the Book Fair on 5 November, as the funds raised will be used wisely by Community Spirit to support our school social events, in particular the Carols on the Green event on 4 December and Santa’s gift to the children.

Vanessa Aikins – Principal