Express Your Interest

I am so excited for our two Senior School students Lilee and Amelia, who on Friday headed to Wellington in New Zealand to join the WA Ora Montessori School for a student exchange.  The girls will be hosted by the school for a month.  They have planned many different excursions and their curriculum tasks with the Principal and Deputy Principal at the school.  This is such a fabulous opportunity not only for the girls but all the students at WA Ora to inspire other students to take up this unique challenge.  I am looking forward to Zooming the girls in the coming weeks with our adolescent students to find out what they have been getting up to.

Almost all of our Primary School classes have received new furniture over the school holidays.  We placed this order for furniture four months ago and were delighted to be able to replace old wobbly and broken furniture with this new equipment.  The smiles on the children’s faces and also the delight of the teachers were so evident on the first day of term.  The focus for the remainder of the year is to continue to upgrade equipment across Primary classrooms to ensure all classes have a full complement of Montessori equipment.  We were also delighted to have the Adolescent Program signage finally completed this week and over the coming week, the frosting for the glass in the reception area will also be complete.

The implementation of our new School Management System is progressing well and families have received notification about log-in details to TASS.  We thank the families for adjusting to this new change and we eagerly await the full roll-out of this program over the coming months.  This implementation has been a massive project and I want to thank our amazing administration team (the Admin All Stars is what the staff call them!) for all the work they have undertaken getting the TASS program populated with all of the school records.  Our staff have also been amazing with undertaking training for the implementation of the TASS program.

On Monday 24 April, all our staff attended the Montessori Teachers Association Conference held at Beehive Montessori School in Mosman Park.  The keynote presentation was on “Neurodiversity in a Montessori Environment” and was presented by Aleks Zajac.  Aleks is a passionate learning disability specialist with knowledge and experience in the field of educational psychology. She has a strong interest in ensuring high-quality, equitable access to mental health and learning support for all children and adults who need it. Her presentation was so inspiring and tailored to our Montessori environments.  She gave fabulous practical strategies that many of our staff have already been implementing into their classroom practise.  A huge thank you to Jodi Kerslake for arranging Aleks to present for the teachers and EA’s from The Montessori School, Perth Montessori School, Chrysalis Montessori School, Banksia Montessori School, Beehive Montessori School, Casa Mia Montessori School and Rockingham Montessori School.

Last week the Lower Primary students enjoyed their camp at Point Peron and our Middle School students had a wonderful week in Busselton for their expedition.  We were crossing our fingers that the rain would hold off for Sports Day this week, however, we have made the decision to reschedule this event for Term 4.  Thank you to Jodi, Jenny and the Senior School students for arranging the original event and for quickly making the changes to our new date.