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We congratulate Antony and Danni Pritchard from our Adolescent Program, on their exciting news that they are pregnant with baby number two, however sadly inform families that they will be returning to New Zealand in Week 9, to share this time with their family.  We wish them every happiness and thank them both for their work in our high school.

We are, however, excited to welcome back Michelle Langley to take up the Program Coordinator/teaching position in Barna Marlak and Karda.  We are also happy to announce that on Andrew’s return from Long Service Leave, Steph will move to share the Koobalong advisory role with Gurmayll. We also welcome Amanda Oldridge to staff in the Janda class to assist Venus, Emma and Lizeth.

I would like to welcome Kendal Drew to our School Board.  Kendal was one of the original parents who supported the opening of our Adolescent Program twelve years ago and had her two sons come through our Adolescent Program.  We also welcome Janet Laing back on the School Board after a short break.  Janet was previously the Principal at Blue Gum Montessori and Casa Mia Montessori and has been involved in Montessori both internationally and within Australia for decades.

Over the past three weeks, there has been significant work taking place across all three school sites.  At the Rockingham Primary School site new storage cupboards have been installed in the Dugongs and Turtles classrooms and we are finalising the designs for the renovations of the staff/office space between the Penguins and Jellyfish classrooms.  We were fortunate enough to secure a Capital Grant application for this work which will include the installation of a student toilet along with a new storeroom for the Jellyfish classroom and the restructuring of the internal walls to create a larger staff area that will be able to be broken into rooms for specialists to work with students.

At Port Kennedy, we have seen the installation of two new nature playground structures in the AP/PS playground area.

We have also had handball courts painted for the AP students in their alfresco area and the fencing of the courtyard which extends from the workshop area has now taken place. The glass doors/panels/windows for the new upstairs pods/downstairs classroom areas/meeting room/administration office have this week all been installed.

Again this year, we had an amazing time at our annual ‘Honey Harvest’, harvesting our RMS Honey with our AP students which tastes absolutely amazing!.
Our students have been learning how honey bees play a significant role in the agricultural system by pollinating plants and flowers.

Jars will be available to purchase soon from our AP reception for $10 each.


February Board meeting notes:

  • We welcome our two new board members, Janet Laing and Kendal Drew whom have both had a long relationship with Rockingham Montessori School. Janet was on the board from 2018 – 2021 and has returned to help in our Governance Sub Committee and Kendal was a parent of two of our past Adolescent Program students along with being a supporter to commence our Adolescent Program in 2011.
  • There have been several areas of building works occurring across all sites within the school. This building work will continue through this year with the redevelopment of the staff room area at the Rockingham Primary School site after securing a Capital Grant from the federal government for these improvements.
  • On 6 February, our School Board and Management team met with the eight other Montessori Schools in Western Australia to discuss how we can share services to support the growth and development of Montessori across WA. We thank Beehive Montessori School for hosting this event.