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I am really excited to share with you our new look website rms.wa.edu.au complete with updated photos of our children and videos of the Infant Toddler Program, Children’s House, Lower Primary and Upper Primary programs.  The videos show ‘a day in the life of a child’ in the school and we are eagerly awaiting the completion of the Middle School and Senior School videos, that will show ‘a term in the life of the young person’.  Once complete these too will be uploaded to the website before the end of the year.  A huge thank you goes to Julie and Sabine for arranging the photo shoots and also thank you to those families and staff involved in creating this beautiful imagery of the school.

For years’ families in Children’s House have asked if their half day children are able to stay for full days as it is difficult to return to work when having to collect their child at 11.45am.  It is also not always desirable for these families to have their child picked up from the school site to go to day-care at a different location at the end of the morning cycle.  In Term 2 we applied to extend our Out of School Hours Care (OSHC) program to include three year olds and this application has just been approved.

We are delighted to inform that a full day option, for three and four year olds, will now be available from Term 1 2022.  Whilst families can continue to collect their children at 11.45am if they wish, there is now the option for their child to remain on site until 3.00pm. A $25 per session charge will apply and families wanting to utilise the OSHC program for three and four year olds will be able to claim the OSHC rebate through Centrelink.

The Penguins classroom and the Secret Garden have been registered from 1 – 3pm as the OSHC venue for our half day three and four year olds.  Three and four year old children, who would normally do a half day program but choose to stay on site for a full day, will join their classmates for lunch and the outdoor playtime.  At 1pm those children enrolled in OSHC, will move to the Penguins room and the older Penguins will be split between the Seahorse and Dolphins rooms.  The younger children will be supervised by Tom from 11.45am and they will be able to have a sleep if they choose. Throughout the afternoon Tom will guide the younger children who will have access to jobs from the prepared environment until the end of the school day.  Parents can collect their child at 3pm or have their child move over to join the older children in the Dugongs room to continue in the OSHC program which is open until 6pm.

The full day Penguin children will continue their learning program throughout the afternoon with Ayesha and Deb D in either the Dolphins or Seahorse classroom.  Across the school we utilise a program called Transparent Classroom which tracks a child’s learning no matter which room they are in.  This is the beauty of the Montessori Curriculum that all of our Montessori trained teachers are able to provide this seamless program for each child.  We are also in the process of extending our OSHC service, including three year olds, for the Port Kennedy Primary School site.  This is such an exciting opportunity that I am sure many of our families wish was in place when their child was in Children’s House.

Please note there has been a change to the 2022 Term Dates that have been on our Website rms.wa.edu.au.  This change is due to the postponement of the Montessori International Congress that many of our staff were planning to attend.  As such we have realigned our Term 2 and Term 3 dates closer to the Government School Terms.  The change has taken five days from the end of Term 2 and put them on to the start of Term 3.  This term break will still include the additional week for the extended holiday break.

Vanessa Aikins – Principal