Express Your Interest

I would like to thank the students and staff who were involved in the Port Kennedy site opening held last Monday.  This was such a momentous occasion for the whole school and it was wonderful to celebrate this achievement with our school community and recognise the efforts of those involved in seeing the projects come to fruition.  At our last Board Meeting Andy Holmes handed over the role of the Chairman of the School Board to Kristina Lemson.  Andy was instrumental in the development of the two Port Kennedy sites plus the playground area and we greatly appreciate all his work as the Chair over the past two years.  Andy will stay on the School Board as a general member and we would also welcome nominations for new board members from our school community.


The 31 August is always a special day on our school calendar, the birthday of Maria Montessori.  Please enjoy the photos of how our students celebrated this event paying tribute to the incredible woman who developed the Montessori philosophy for educating children.  If you would like to learn more about this pedagogical approach please join us for Montessori Morning Chats, Parent Education events or speak with your classroom teachers.  All of these activities are designed to ensure we collectively raise our children with a seamless approach between home and school.  We also encourage all who are providing care for your children to also attend these events.



It is always a time for reflection when a staff member informs me they will be retiring from the school.  It is with great pride and sadness that I inform Helen Baronie will be retiring at the end of this term.  Helen has worked across all three Rockingham Children’s House programs for the past ten years providing DOTT for the Dolphins, Penguins and Seahorse classes.  In this role she has taught every child in our school who started in Children’s House.  Helen’s great passion is sewing and her influence across the entire school has been immense.  I know the staff will fondly remember all of the items Helen has sewn for their classes throughout her time at RMS.

I am really pleased to announce Antony Pritchard will be joining us in Term 4 to replace Scarlett in the Adolescent Program whilst she takes Maternity Leave.  Antony will be joining us from New Zealand and has a wealth of experience across the arts and humanities areas.  Antony has also had extensive leadership opportunities across various schools throughout both the UK and New Zealand.

It has been wonderful having Katherine Shearer return to the school this term to help out with relief teaching.  Kath commenced our Adolescent Program in 2012 and three years ago moved to Bali to recommence the Bali Montessori School.  Kath is now returning to WA to commence the Margaret River Montessori Adolescent Program that will open in January 2023. It is also very exciting to inform you that Jodi Borgia will be returning to WA in the first week of the holidays and will replace Helen as the DOTT teacher for the Dolphins and Seahorse classes along with undertaking some administrative tasks across all three school sites. Jodi moved to Bend, Oregon, USA in 2016 and commenced the Desert Sky Montessori Charter School.  We are delighted to have Jodi returning to the school, Jodi commenced our Penguins class in 2010 and was also our first Children’s House Program Coordinator.

Thank you to Community Spirit for arranging our recent Subway lunch orders.  We are looking forward to the upcoming Middle School dance which the AP dance students have arranged.  This event will be held at the Adolescent Program with Hollywood as the theme for the night.  We are still looking for helpers for the Carols on the Green event that will be held on 2 December. Please post or forward any ideas for this whole school social event at the RMSCommunitySpirit Facebook page or Reception@rms.wa.edu.au.