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We will be very sad to see Crispin Rapsey leaving her fulltime role as the Dugongs teacher as she transitions more into a relief teaching role for the school and to also work more with children with special needs outside of our school.  I can inform families that for the first semester of 2022 we will remove the concertina wall between the two Upper Primary classrooms and will have both Yasmin and Renata team teach the Dugongs and Turtles classes.  Renata will be taking Crispin’s role as the Dugongs teacher whilst we undertake a recruitment process for the new Dugongs teacher and Yasmin as previously informed via our newsletter, is our new Turtles teacher.  In semester two we have nine children transitioning into these classes from Lower Primary and at this time we will again separate the two classes by putting the concertina wall up again.

In our Adolescent Program we will be saying farewell to Michelle Langley as our Noorn advisor.   I can inform families that for semester one we will be joining the Noorn and the new third Barna Marlak advisory and Dave Flack will rejoin us as the fulltime advisor for both advisories.  In Term 3 we have a number of Upper Primary children transitioning into Middle School, at this point we will divide the Noorn and the third Barna Marlak advisory group to form three separate advisories.  Whilst it is very sad not to have Crispin and Michelle continuing with us in their current teaching roles, we look forward to having them both still connected to the school in some capacity.  We also say farewell to Lesley Reid, our Wellbeing Program Coordinator however are grateful that she is able to continue to work with the school as a guest presenter for both staff and families.

Families who will be moving to the Port Kennedy site joined us on Friday 26 November for a tour of the facilities and I am really pleased to inform that since that visit the tiling has now been completed in all wet areas and work in the playground area has commenced.  Now it is time to share the Adolescent Program plans for the new Port Kennedy site.


I would like to thank our amazing Community Spirit crew for Friday night’s Carols on the Green event.  It was a fabulous night and this was supported from a comment by Simone, one of parents who has been with the school for twelve years, “That was the slickest Carols on the Green that we have ever had, everything ran so well.” Our photo book for this year did have a hick up however, but we anticipate these booklets will be ready for the children at the beginning of the year.  Congratulations to all our Adolescent Program students who performed last night in the showcase, it was such a beautiful night for this alfresco event.

I would like to wish all our families a very happy holidays and look forward to seeing all of our children return for the beginning of the new school year.