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Abseiling, Rock climbing, Hiking, Bouldering, Surfing, Kayaking, Painting and Swimming.

Our Odyssey camp started on the 6th of November, early morning. Loading up the bus at Rockingham and then off we set. Natalie had the aux of course, playing the only good music to ever exist. Mamma Mia Soundtrack! Once we got to Turner Caravan Park Augusta, every student set up camp, supporting and helping one another. This made setting up very efficient and we managed to have plenty of time to look around. Some, running around, others painting.

Tuesday-Thursday activities

This consisted of very fun outdoor activities, that pushed students comfort zones.

Tuesday- On Tuesday we woke up early, ate breakfast and set off to Wilyabrup to abseil and rock climb. The drive was just under an hour. Once we got there, we were greeted by two lovely ladies who safety briefed us and we kitted up into harnesses. We then walked to the cliffs and split into two groups, one abseiling, another rock climbing. We switched this around after having wraps for lunch. We then headed back to camp late afternoon and relaxed the rest of the day.

Wednesday- On Wednesday we were lucky to have a sleep in. Once we were up and dressed, we drove 10 minutes to the lighthouse and then went bouldering along the beach all the way back to Flinders Bay. A lot of people found this fun and sped ahead, others found this a bit harder and wanted to take their time and enjoy the scenery. In the end we ended up back safe at Flinders Bay ready for our yummy rolls for lunch.

Thursday-Thursday was our earliest morning rise. We woke up, ate breakfast and headed off to the Margaret River, River mouth. We started by paddle boarding and kayaking up the river for an hour and a half. We then went on to Surf lessons in the white-wash. We then had wraps for lunch and headed back to camp for the afternoon and night.

“My favourite Activity was the Surf Lessons”
Natalie says:

“My favourite activity from the whole camp was the surfing lessons. I’ve wanted to learn to surf since I was a kid so it was an amazing opportunity. The coaches were very nice, chill and mellow and helped all us students to stand up on the board, (or at least try). It was a fun experience and definitely made me want to learn to surf to a better level.”

Valuable lessons learned
This experience was more than just outdoor activities. Odyssey taught us to work together as a team, it helped students’ bond and gain better connections with each other. We learnt lessons about ourselves and others. We managed to push our limits and comfort zones which helped us support others. The memories made on this odyssey will be memories of a lifetime.

By Natalie (Mantarays Advisory)