Express Your Interest

Tucked behind Starfish Classroom is the RMS Library and Music Room and what a great and useful space it is! The children go there every week to exchange their books, learning how to come in quietly, to treat the books with respect and how to browse the shelves to find a book that interests them. We are very lucky to have Yulia the librarian to guide the children while they are in the library. Yulia has sorted, repaired, covered (with help), catalogued, labelled and bar-coded all the books and each child’s name is in the Koha library system that RMS now uses. Any books that get donated or gifted (for birthday celebrations) to the school go through this process and the school is very grateful for all the beautiful books it receives. At present, it is mostly the Children’s House children who use the library weekly but in future this will extend to Lower and Upper Primary, the Adolescent Program and it will include a collection of Montessori’s books and published papers. In fact, all RMS information and history will be recorded and archived for posterity!

Deb Dwyer – Dolphins Teacher