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The Montessori philosophy emphasises the importance of both freedom and discipline in a child’s development. For this Newsletter, we are going to focus on two of those points; self-discipline and consistent routine.

Self-discipline: Montessori believed that children have an innate drive to learn and develop self-discipline. This can be encouraged by providing an environment that offers meaningful work for the children to select that fulfils their inner potential. The teacher is only the guide to offer assistance when needed. In the UP we offer work that attracts the students and engages them in work that interests them and provides them opportunities to work together.

Often you will see our children working in many different places in our class. They can choose a desk, floor mat, standing table, low table and even outside on a picnic table. Here they will sit with their friends but be working on different pieces of work.

Consistent Routines: Our classrooms try hard to have consistent routines and structure that help children feel safe and secure. These routines include daily work periods, group activities and individual work time. This helps the children to develop a sense of order and self-regulation.


Clare McCaskie

Dugongs Teacher