Express Your Interest

The Dugongs Class would like to extend a big welcome out to our new students Olivia, Ella, Matyas and Elisa!.

Term 1 started with a focus on learning where the classroom equipment is located and welcoming our students.

COSMIC – Fundamental Needs of People

Our first lessons on the Fundamental Needs of Man have started in class.  Students have created their own cart showing the fundamental needs and we have started by focussing on food and shelter.  The students are creating their own water colour paintings of the fundamental need for food and shelter.  Some wonderful paintings have been made so far.

General Class Work

Classroom organisation – Our students are working toward independence.  One of the tasks designed to support this development is by starting each day by organising their daily work schedule.  Dugong’s students can place work onto their personal schedules. Using trial and error and planning our year 4 students become better at organising their daily tasks.  By the time they have moved to the next year, they are able to schedule their tasks for the week.

Writing – Students also have the opportunity to do independent research in the areas of Biomes and Our Solar System.  The process the class follows is:

  • Choose the research card to guide their research.
  • Create a PowerPoint or poster.
  • On completion, each student can present their work to the class.

Students are able to work on their reports after they have completed their morning tasks.

We look forward to their presentations.