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We are delighted to share that the chickens are back at the Rockingham site. The Turtles class has undertaken a lot of work to reinvigorate the chicken coup by cleaning it out, researching and ordering supplies, and setting things up for the chicken’s arrival in Week 5.

A special acknowledgment should go to Braxton as our resident “Eggspert” who has stepped into his leadership role and has excellent organising skills. He has encouraged others by sharing his knowledge of the tasks to be done and supporting new students to learn the ropes.

Thank you to all the members of the Chicken Team. You have done an outstanding job! The chicken team is now part of our weekly chores with all students participating and learning in the experience. The chickens have been named Diamond, Persephone and Adam.


We have been learning a number of TRIBES activities in our class this term with an afternoon favourite being the “cars” activity where we learn trust, communicating, giving and following instructions. The spider web activity is a great way to share things we are learning and share about ourselves in a collaborative way.

We have also undertaken the famous “basketball train” which we build from teams of two people to a whole class activity where everyone needed to walk along the grass area connected by basketballs. It takes a lot of coordination, communication and a team focus to get this moving together.

Well done Turtles crew! You have been building a wonderful classroom community using the TRIBES activities to strengthen connections and communication.