Express Your Interest

Parents, this camp was AMAZING!!! We stayed at Fairbridge Village, Pinjarra. This was a one hour drive and we went by coach. When we got to Fairbridge we were assigned to our dorms. We booked Kitchener, Cook, Middlemore and Clive. The boys were in Kitchener and Cook, while the girls were in Middlemore and Clive. Our activities were boomerang making, abseiling, low ropes, the giant swing and orienteering. I’ve asked a few people about camp and asked them to rate it on a scale of 1-10.

Riley: 9/10. I think it was super fun and I want to go there again next year.

Sean: 9/10. I loved because there were no night games.

Maya: 10/10. It was amazing, I had so much fun. My favourite things were abseiling and the giant swing.

We had a campfire on Wednesday night and a talent show on Thursday night. Sleeping was fun but some people took a while to get to sleep!


Peter Paul Jacobs – Upper Primary Student