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Community Partnerships

Rockingham Montessori School is proud to partner with a number of local and international organisations and community groups. 

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Waste Authority of WA

With the vision to make Western Australia a sustainable, low-waste, and circular economy, Waste Authority has created various community-wide and industrial programs in which our health and the environment are protected from waste. One program encouraged in local communities is ‘Waste Wise’ centred on waste avoidance and recovery. This program aims to embed positive waste behaviours in school principles as well as cultivate a healthy approach to environmental protection among their students. 

At Rockingam Montessori School, we are committed to reducing the amount of landfill rubbish we produce by promoting responsible waste management behaviours such as waste avoidance and recovery. Every school year, we initiate recycling programs within the school through small and big efforts such as using electronic record-keeping systems (iWise and Compass) to avoid paper-based records and using recyclable and compostable items such as bamboo cutlery for external events. 

Rockingham Montessori School is proud to have received their “Five Years of Waste Wise Accreditation” from Waste Authority WA. View our certificate here. 

SunSmart by Cancer Council WA 

SunSmart is a country-wide campaign by the Cancer Council of Western Australia to raise awareness for skin cancer and promote protection against too much exposure to the sun. One program under SunSmart is the rationally-recognised SunSmart Schools geared towards creating sun-safe environments and promoting sun protection behaviours to students, staff and families.

Through our school policies, we aim to develop an awareness in our students, families and staff of the potential hazards of excessive sun exposure and foster positive behaviour for steps towards sun protection.  We encourage the use of sun cream and clothing that provides adequate protection from UV radiation. We also require that hats be worn for any outdoor activity. 



Asthma Friendly Schools by Asthma WA 

Asthma WA is a charity providing education and support for those with asthma. Asthma Friendly Schools recognises schools that take extra measures to ensure the safest possible environment is created for students with asthma.

Rockingham Montessori School implements best asthma management practices within an educational setting.

In accordance with Asthma WA’s Asthma Friendly School Program, we conduct activities to raise awareness about asthma and ensure that all involved will be given proper attention. We aim to create an environment in which students with asthma can still participate in all our activities. We also educate our staff about basic life-saving skills including serious asthma attacks.


Kwinana Industries Council 

The Kwinana Industries Council is a business association that encourages a sustainable co-existence of the Kwinana Industry, the Community and the Environment through several awareness and development programs. The council fosters a healthy working relationship between industries, local communities and their environments by strengthening their desire to be good neighbours.

Rockingham Montessori School is an active member of several programs under the Kwinana Industries Council.

Our students participate in various Kwinana Industries Council programs and projects including several KIC Conferences. We also have several students, staff and alumni that have been recipients of educational opportunities hosted by the Kwinana Industries Council. 


RMS Infant & Toddler Program

Infant & Toddler

1 - 3 Years

Our Infant Toddler Program (Playgroup) is the ideal way for your family to experience the Montessori philosophy and practice, while providing toddlers with a gentle transition to the Children’s House.

RMS Children's House Program


3 - 6 Years

Rockingham Montessori School has three Children’s House classrooms, named Dolphins, Penguins and Seahorse, reflecting our seaside location. Each is led by a dedicated and highly-trained Montessori teacher.

RMS Primary Program


6 - 12 Years

Rockingham Montessori School has three Lower-Primary classrooms: Jelly Fish, Starfish and Sea Lions, continuing our ocean theme. Teachers are Montessori-trained and work with the help of an education assistant.


12 -18 Years

In Montessori’s third plane of development, from twelve to eighteen years old, the adolescent has a ‘humanistic mind’ eager to understand humanity and the contribution they can make to society.