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Infant Toddler Program (12 months to 3 years)

Leading Montessori Playgroup In Rockingham, Perth

Our Infant Toddler Program (Montessori Playgroup) is the ideal way for your family to experience Montessori philosophy and practice, providing a gentle transition to the Children’s House. Even if you are uncertain about your child’s future educational path, attending a Montessori playgroup is a chance to meet other like-minded parents and be guided by a trained Montessori educator in observing your child and offering them the experiences they are ready for.

Children from 12 months to 3 years are welcome to attend the Infant Toddler Program, one day a week during school terms.

Our Rockingham Montessori Playgroup is currently held on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 9:15 am to 11:15 am.

Our Lakelands Playgroup is currently held on Monday, Tuesday and Friday from 9:30 am to 11:30 am.

Our playgroup fee is $20 per session per child paid termly in advance (i.e: 10 weeks = $200, 9 weeks = $180). 

We would love for you to join us for a free trial.

To book, please contact the school on 9528-2118 or complete the Expressions of interest form on this site.

Our Montessori Playgroups are very popular, so we recommend you book in early.

A typical morning in the Rockingham Montessori School Infant Toddler Program

At Rockingham Montessori’s playgroup, each session is run by a fully-qualified leader, who brings a wealth of experience. Each child is greeted personally with a handshake and farewelled at the end of the session.

Montessori equipment, puzzles, arts & crafts and practical life trays are arranged carefully upon shelves to provide a beautifully prepared environment. Parents attend with their child, helping the child to master the work they have chosen. Independence is encouraged, and children of different ages may work together, learning from one another.

There is a ‘bring and share’ morning tea of fresh fruit. The children collect and set out their own placemats, glasses and plates at communal tables. Children are encouraged to serve themselves with child-sized tongs and pour their own water from child-sized jugs. The table is decorated with flowers in vases, collected and arranged by one of the children.

Children then wash up their own dishes and go out to play. After a time, they return inside for a story, singing, musical instruments and free-style dancing. It is very much a fun morning and the children enjoy themselves immensely.

Montessori on child development up to 3 years

In the first ‘plane of development’ from birth to age six, the child is characterised by their ‘absorbent mind’, absorbing all aspects of their environment, language and culture.

The first three years of life are the most fundamental in the development of human beings and their potential. The infant’s physical development is phenomenal, and apparent and inspires our care and attention. Yet a profound and less obvious development is taking place within the child.

During the first three years of life, the child’s intelligence is formed. They acquire the culture and language into which they have been born. It is a period when the core of personality and the social being are developed. An understanding of the child’s development and the development of the human mind allows environments to be prepared to meet the needs of the infant and foster independence, motor development and language acquisition.

RMS Infant & Toddler Program

Infant & Toddler

1 - 3 Years

Our Infant Toddler Program (Playgroup) is the ideal way for your family to experience the Montessori philosophy and practice, while providing toddlers with a gentle transition to the Children’s House.

RMS Children's House Program


3 - 6 Years

Rockingham Montessori School has three Children’s House classrooms, named Dolphins, Penguins and Seahorse, reflecting our seaside location. Each is led by a dedicated and highly-trained Montessori teacher.

RMS Primary Program


6 - 12 Years

Rockingham Montessori School has three Lower-Primary classrooms: Jelly Fish, Starfish and Sea Lions, continuing our ocean theme. Teachers are Montessori-trained and work with the help of an education assistant.


12 -18 Years

In Montessori’s third plane of development, from twelve to eighteen years old, the adolescent has a ‘humanistic mind’ eager to understand humanity and the contribution they can make to society.