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Fees are an important part of the family’s commitment to the School. Rockingham Montessori School keeps fees to a minimum, and so we are strict about enforcing the fee policy; almost half of the funding to run the School comes from fees.

The following information is intended to clarify the different fees payable and the conditions under which Bond Deposits are refundable. Please take the time to understand your obligations for payment of fees and, in particular, for giving formal notice of withdrawal in advance. If you have questions, please speak with the administration staff.

All fees must be paid in Australian dollars and are inclusive of GST (Goods and services tax) if applicable.

Payment of Accounts

Rockingham Montessori School has the facility to direct debit your bank account each year, term, month or fortnight, and each family will sign a Fee Payment Agreement to arrange this for payment of School (Tuition) Fees.

Lump sum payments may be paid by EFTPOS, cash, cheque, MasterCard, Visa or direct deposit (BSB 036 074 Account 673 288). Cheques should be made payable to Rockingham Montessori School. Please note a 1.62% surcharge applies to all credit card transactions.

Application Fee

The Application Fee accompanies the original Application for Enrolment and covers administrative costs. Payment of this fee does not guarantee an offer of a place. The Application Fee is non-refundable and is $110.

Enrolment Fee

An Enrollment Fee is charged to each new student; it covers costs to the School of the enrollment process and is a commitment by the family that they will accept the place, even if entry is some time in the future. This fee is non-refundable and is not applied as a credit to School Fees. The Enrolment Fee is $420. 

Bond Deposit

A Bond Deposit is charged for each new student, an amount determined as equivalent to one term’s fees. Sibling discounts do not apply for Bond Deposits. The Bond Deposit is refundable, less outstanding fees, if the child has completed six full terms AND a full term’s notice of withdrawal has been provided in writing.

Notice of Withdrawal

Parents intending to withdraw their child from Rockingham Montessori School are required to give one full term’s notice in writing of this decision. This is to ensure that the child’s place can be filled in good time. It helps the School with financial planning, reduces opportunity costs, and is considerate to potential families who may be on a waiting list trying to decide what to do or who may have to give notice at another school.

School Fees

School Fees (sometimes called Tuition Fees) are paid by direct debit from your nominated bank account each year, term, month or fortnight, as per your Fee Payment Agreement with the School. If a year’s fees are paid in full in advance a 2% discount applies. Part terms are invoiced pro rata. Sibling discounts apply to School Fees.


All fees must be paid in Australian dollars and are inclusive of GST (Goods and services tax) if applicable.

International Students

Please contact the School for information about fees and eligible visas.


Estimates have been made of possible additional costs for excursions and camps in 2023. This information is provided to assist families in their budgeting but it may vary.

Children’s House Lower Primary Upper Primary Adolescent Program
Excursions $50 $50 $80 $100


Lower Primary Camp Upper Primary Camp Middle School Expedition Senior School Odyssey
Camps $250 $300 $350 $550


Late Fees

If you anticipate or are having trouble with paying School Fees on time, please approach the Business Manager and negotiate a payment plan.

A Late Fee of $35 will apply for fees that are outstanding 14 days after the due date. If a payment plan is not adhered to a late fee of $35.00 will also apply.

If fees remain unpaid, the School reserves the right to terminate the enrolment of a student and payment of the debt will be pursued through the School’s debt collectors.

School Building Fund

The School has established a School Building Fund to which parents are encouraged to donate. These funds will be used for school facilities. The Fund is approved by the Australian Taxation Office, and therefore all donations over $2 are eligible tax deductions.

Montessori Australia Foundation Annual Subscription

The Montessori Australia Foundation is the Montessori peak body in Australia. As a Montessori family you will receive the annual magazine, Montessori Insights, e-Bulletins and e-Articles on Montessori Education and the Montessori sector in Australia. The annual fee per family is included in School Fees.

Student Accident Insurance

All students attending Rockingham Montessori School have insurance cover for accidental injury while on School activities, including transit to and from the School’s normal address. Details of conditions, benefits and costs may be requested from the Business Manager.


RMS Infant & Toddler Program

Infant & Toddler

1 - 3 Years

Our Infant Toddler Program (Playgroup) is the ideal way for your family to experience the Montessori philosophy and practice, while providing toddlers with a gentle transition to the Children’s House.

RMS Children's House Program


3 - 6 Years

Rockingham Montessori School has three Children’s House classrooms, named Dolphins, Penguins and Seahorse, reflecting our seaside location. Each is led by a dedicated and highly-trained Montessori teacher.

RMS Primary Program


6 - 12 Years

Rockingham Montessori School has three Lower-Primary classrooms: Jelly Fish, Starfish and Sea Lions, continuing our ocean theme. Teachers are Montessori-trained and work with the help of an education assistant.


12 -18 Years

In Montessori’s third plane of development, from twelve to eighteen years old, the adolescent has a ‘humanistic mind’ eager to understand humanity and the contribution they can make to society.