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In 2021, the KIC iProjects included iWomen, iMen and iScience. The programs allowed us to explore various activities and opportunities we would not otherwise be able to take part in, giving us experience in different areas of industry. It gave us an insight into workplaces, careers and work roles in industries around the Kwinana industrial zone.

The programs included different excursions to work sites such as Cockburn Cement, BHP, CSBP and more. The program was fun and educational and gave us an idea of what working in different industries would be like. The 2021 KIC iProjects all culminated in the iConference on 29 November, an exciting day of activities at Murdoch University’s main campus.

We would highly recommend that emerging senior students who are offered the opportunity, take part in future KIC iProjects.

Aaron, Tallon, Stirling, Carmen and Lilee