Express Your Interest

While the end-of-term meeting at the Adolescent Program represented the close of the first part of the 2024 school year for students, it represented the end of a beloved teacher’s education journey as Mark sailed into the sunset carrying his leaving present – an AP chair! We also bid farewell to Sam with a plant that we hope will continue to grow with her on her future journey.

Several Senior School students presented their projects:

Jy talked about the Community Lunches he’s run throughout the term. Rotating between the upper and lower levels, he plans a menu that feeds 65-70 people, including staff, every Wednesday for only $50. The most challenging aspect has been choosing between one premium item, either meat or cheese and looking to create the base for each meal from scratch e.g. rice, dough so that he can choose other more expensive ingredients. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Pizza has been the most successful with everyone fed and some left over!

Gigi spoke about the TLC Learning for Tomorrow program she’s been participating in this term. Run by Murdoch University,  is aimed at helping students develop the skills needed to succeed at university, such as thinking critically, researching information and writing academically.

Lastly, Makenzie and Dakota talked about the Production & Exchange aspects of running their small businesses before Erin & Axle, aka Visera Vortex, played Freezing Moon by Mayhem – complete with smoke machines.